Gruppo Ethos


Gruppo Ethos Ristoranti Italiani starts its activity in 1988 with the Sanmauro restaurant. After some business experiences in the food industry, it is now a structured company, with seven successful restaurants in Milan and in the Brianza area and with a strong focus on satisfying the customer.

“Restaurants always driven by ethic and passion” is the company’s vision.
The quest for quality is adapted to every level of our activity: from the managing one (the company is the first Lean restaurant in Italy), to the environmental one (it has received txo times in a row the Oscar for Sustainability from Legambiente Tourism, an Italian environmental authority).

Gruppo Ethos has decided to opt for the Social Responsibility of the Enterprise, a list of precise commitments finalized to contribute in the best possible way to the sustainable growth of the society, declined in various aspects.
These go from the insertion in the menu of fresh, organic, well balanced and wholewheat dishes to the diffusion of the culture of healty nutrition using conference dinners. Or also from nutritional education projects in the schools, joined by thousands of children, to the charity initiatives regarding territory and environmental safeguard.

Enthusiasm, human resources valorization, research on raw ingredients and high quality service standard: the aim of Gruppo Ethos is to be a “first mover” among the restaurant companies. High standards won’t be anymore exclusive of a little part of customers but will be the core of the company’s activity, offering a wide range of products and dishes able to satisfy everyone.

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