il Birrificio di Como

The biggest one in Italy

Il Birrificio di Como® is the biggest Italian brewery pub dedicated to an ancient art: the craft production of beer.
This restaurant with brewery offers to its customers very big spaces, designed and structured to welcome all beer and good food lovers, but also to who’s approaching this place for the first time.

The kitchen offers dishes with selected ingredients every day from top local producers, but also international proposals if you prefer to taste something different. There are also special menues to satisfy the requests of little or large groups, and unique dishes in case of short time not forgetting the pleasure of good food.

Il Birrificio di Como® is the ideal place for the craft beer lovers.
The craft beers are the main protagonists, under Malthus® and Libera® brand, tapped into glasses especially chosen to enhance their taste and characteristics.

The restaurant has a large outdoor garden, surrounded by green spaces, to have something to eat and drink, even outside.


Via Pasquale Paoli, 3
22100 Como
tel. 031 505050